Walnut St., Brownstown. Tickets are $10 for seniors and students and $12 for non-senior adults. They may be purchased by calling 812-358-5228 or emailing mail@jcct.org with the date you want to attend and number of people in your party. A theater representative will return your call or reply to your email to complete the transaction. The theater’s first production of the season provides a different twist on the classic Frank Capra play about the idealistic George Bailey, whose luck has run out and who is considering ending his life on a fateful Christmas Eve. Joe Landry’s adaptation takes you inside a live radio studio, where five actors bring the dozens of characters to life. Authentic 1940s era sound effects are produced by the two Foley artists using a variety of techniques. John Hardaway is directing the show. The five radio actors are played by Greg Simons, Evan Rohlfing, MaryAnna Moore, John Boyken and Erin Moore.


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